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Cabo San Lucas rated #10 among the Top Bachelor Party Destinations
21 Feb 2016

So your best bud is set to take that walk down the aisle and your task is to find the perfect place to end his single days, keep in mind it can’t be just any place — it’s got to be THE PLACE! He’s been your wing man at bars, the guy who stifles sleep deprivation to make a 6 a.m. tee time. And with his wedding day approaching, you’ve got to make his last night as a single man a tribute to the life he’s led up to this point. To do so, we’re here to remind you that Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico is rated #10 within the top bachelor party destinations worldwide for his last stint of freedom. The reasons why:

  • This stag party destination is in close enough proximity to head there for a weekend (well, at least for North-American residents). This means you can plan a two or three-day escapade
  • Cabo is relatively inexpensive compared to other party destinations like Vegas with the perks of having one of the most popular and visited beaches within the jet set and Hollywood celebrities
  • There’s an ample amount of nightclubs and activities to choose from, a MUST for any bachelor party

The result? Cabo is by far the hippest Mexican beach destination that will give your buddy the key to the best bachelor memories than he ever dreamed possible.

You can’t get much better than a Marlin fishing trip aboard a luxurious yacht in the Mexican sun. Unless, of course, you follow up the fishing with a wild night out at El Squid Roe Nightclub, the ultimate place to party when it comes to Cabo. Not one for the frenzied college vibe? Then try The Nowhere Bar, Abolengo Bartina or Sammy Hagar’s famous hangout, Cabo Wabo. When booking any Bachelor Party Package through Cabo Bash VIP Services Specialists be sure your buddy and all of your bachelor crew will receive the Rockstar treatment without any glitches! Our services will exceed your expectations!

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